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Our processing plants...

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Our company disposes of two depots in the south-eastern counties of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Next to our headquarters you can find one of our depots in Nagylak. We work here on a floor-space of 1000 square meters. There are two sorting machines and there is a mixing room there. In one of the two storages the raw material, in the other one the semi-finished products are stored

The territory of our subsidiary company is Mezőkovácsháza is 2,5 hectares. The built-up area is more than 10,000 square meters. The production takes place here in a separated storehall. Feather and down will be sorted with 3 sorting machines here. In the 3 mixing rooms the semi-finished products and the end-products will be homogenized meeting the required quality. In the mixing hall you can find our pressing machine which enables the sorage and transport of the baled goods more easily.

On further 8,000 square meters the goods will be restocked, store and disposed continuously.