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Our company has been selling so-called "ready for filling" goods.

Among our business partners you can find the most important and leading Hungarian, West-European and Far-Eastern representatives of the comforter making trade.

Our products answer all the given and international standards. During marketing our products in Hungary and Europe we consider the standards (MSZ) EN 12934, (MSZ) EN 12935 and their regulations of labelling the goods as compulsory. The standard (MSZ) EN 12130 is taken as a basis of information about filling powers. But taking international trends and requirements into consideration we depart from the rules of the standards above. The rate of the filling power given is the filling power of some bulk sample of 30 grammes taken at random out of the goods.

Our goods, going to be sold, are always given some special heat treatment, therefore, human beings can always be free of zoonosis.

According to our company's motto we only use basic materials coming from Hungary and the European Community.
Quality is always more important than quantity.
We give quarantee for the given pureness and filling power.